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Testimonials from Francesca's Clients

Francesca is in a league of her own when it comes to knowledge of the body's mechanics and its subtle workings and interconnections (including its responses to stress). I'm an 80-something in reasonably good health who wants to maintain a well-functioning body as long as possible. I consider my sessions with Francesca as essential to my well-being as the food I eat. In my almost three years with her I've learned so much about my own body that I hadn't understood. Her teaching style is gentle, seriously focused on my particular needs, and seriously fun. The "good medicine" starts with the lovely, harmonious environment of her studio. –CATHY

"Francesca has an incredible understanding of the body and what is needed specifically for your body to rejuvenate and build strength through movement for long-term health.  Also, so insightful, kind and positive in her guidance throughout each session."  –GREG


Francesca is patient, kind and encouraging. I appreciated her attention to detail and focus on correct form. I was injured at the time and she picked just the right exercises that allowed me to advance, learn and heal – all at the same time. –CAROLINA

Francesca coaches me through pilates/gyrotonics weekly as a solo class. It’s my Happy Time. When I arrive, it’s at the end of my workday and I’m dragging. Francesca always greets me at the door with an inviting smile, asking how I am. She has helped me be stronger. We start slowly on the floor which helps me to work through my tiredness and work up to pilates and gyro. When I leave I have an energetic step and attitude. –KAREN

Francesca is great at coming up with ways to help you remember what you're supposed to be doing and she is very thorough. She will stop at nothing to help explain a movement sequence so it makes sense to you and you remember it, whether it's by telling a funny or silly story, making crazy jokes, or dancing around herself. Underneath the fun, Francesca is super detailed and makes you work hard. Even while focused on a particular limb or pattern of movement, she pays attention to the way your whole body is moving and so her corrections are really effective. –JULIA


I have been coming for Francesca’s help with various conditions, lower back, shin splints, leg cramps. I have found her to be knowledgeable, compassionate, competent, intuitive and curious. Her curiosity on what’s causing the condition and what can make it better helps her to customize programs for her clients, for me. She has given me hope and kept me motivated to keep conditioning my body to keep it strong to minimize succumbing to other conditions. Good advice for me, someone in her seventies. –ELIZABETH


What I most enjoyed about Francesca’s classes was really her kind and gentle attitude, calm voice, and clear, consistent instruction. She was unbelievably patient and encouraging. She was thorough, without being overly aggressive, encouraging us to always do a little more than we thought we could. I think that Francesca’s incredible diversity of experience is a huge asset. It was really great to be in a class with an instructor that was focused on improving how we use our bodies and not stuck in the mindset that the sole purpose of exercise/movement is to look a certain way. –MONICA

Francesca Jandasek is one of the finest teachers of any kind that we have ever had. More than the extraordinary depth and range of her technical knowledge, she is exceptionally perceptive and responsive to the needs of her students. Warm, friendly and accessible, she always offers a supportive presence.  –JOHN AND ELIZABETH

In a stroke of luck, I found Francesca online early in the pandemic -- and I’ve been a loyal fan of her Zoom classes every since. She is a multi-talented GYROKINESIS® instructor who loves what she does, and it shows. She is cheerful, upbeat, and encouraging. What’s more, she has a lovely, soothing voice that helps to melt away stress. Give Francesca a try – your spine will thank you! –HEIDI

Francesca is an inspiring gyro teacher, patient with those whose bodies do not move like hers, and ready with creative ways to get us into shape! Despite the disadvantage of teaching through zoom, she manages to keep a close eye on our form and gently coax us into the right movements to ease stiffness, lubricate our joints, and get our lungs working again. She constantly encourages us and sprinkles her lessons with good humor and joy. She is a delight to work with! –BELINDA

Francesca has a very friendly, open personality that made me feel at ease and feel like I could learn how to do the movements. For the first time in 20 years I now feel I can change how I do those things because I now know the right way to do it. My flexibility has significantly increased and when I experience pain, I can now do the exercises and it is immediately alleviated. My posture has improved tremendously and I have strengthened my core region since starting to take classes. It has really changed my life for the better. –ANGELA


I enjoy taking classes from Francesca and looked forward to them each time. I trust her to be able to help my aches and pains feel better, while at the same time gaining more flexibility and strength through movement. The way she explained the pointed foot has helped me immensely and I no longer have the foot and leg cramps as a result. She teaches in a gentle but precise manner that is very encouraging. –REBECCA


Francesca is a dynamic teacher. My classes with her were therapy to make my muscles stronger and it wasn’t always easy for me. However, she never wasted any of my physical energy or mental energy during class with too many words. It felt like all my effort went directly to getting my muscles stronger she was so efficient as a teacher. I remember she would speed me up and keep my flow even but never talk about it then after doing that set of exercising or stretching I would realize what she did made me move faster!!! She is a genius! –KATHY

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