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Source Studio Membership

Access to an ever-growing video class archive with new recordings added every week

In the SOURCE STUDIO video library, you'll find three new GYROKINESIS® classes per week, plus GYROTONIC® tower instruction, core strength and conditioning routines, injury prevention exercises, and beginning ballet lessons with Francesca! If you can't make it to our classes live, or if you want to practice at home at your own pace, membership gives you lots of options to choose from!


Scroll down for a list of home equipment that you will need to participate in class.

Membership Options

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Living Archive of Video Classes
  • 3-Month Membership

    Every 3 months
    Living Archive of Video Classes
  • 1-Year Membership

    Every year
    Living Archive of Video Classes
  • July and August Class Series 1

    GYROKINESIS® Flow with Props
  • July and August Class Series 2

    BALANCE Classes for all levels
  • July and August Classes 1 & 2

    GYROKINESIS® Flow with Props AND Balance Classes
  • June 4 Workshop

    GYROKINESIS® Level 1 - 60 Minute Format Exploration
  • June 25 Workshop

    GYROKINESIS® Level 1 - 90 Minute Format Exploration
  • Both June Workshops

    GYROKINESIS® Level 1 - 60 and 90 Minute Format Exploration

What you need for class:

Note: Props that can help expand the practice of virtual classes.

Space to Move: Have a physical space prepared where you can move comfortably, standing, seated, and lying down.

Stool or chair with a firm surface
Some options if you don't have one:

Massage stool
Gyrokinesis Stool 20"
Gyrokinesis Stool 16"

Small Exercise ball (or pillow you can squeeze between the legs)
36" Roller (You can also use a broomstick or a swiffer)
Yoga Strap  (or belt)
Stretchy Bands / Non-Latex Stretchy Bands
Loop bands (or you can tie a long stretchy band to make a loop)
Yoga Blocks (or two books of the same size)
Yoga Mat
 (or towel for floor)
Dish Towel or scarf


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