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Dan Istrate


Dan has mastered many movement systems and is a professional, international actor and dancer. He credits GYROTONIC® exercise to preventing injuries and allowing him to perform in physical theater, dance, and film stunt work! Dan has been involved with both the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods for ten years and has taught at GYROTONIC® studios from DC to Los Angeles. His upbeat energy and vast experience fosters a style of teaching that will connect you to the essence of the work.

"Dan helped me feel the muscles I needed to be more stable and consistent through every part of my golf swing."


Dan's Story


As a professional actor, I have found that the GYROTONIC® method helps me connect with my innermost authentic self. It is a catalyst toward that state of simultaneous relaxation and engagement of the psyche that artists of all kinds seek in pursuing their best and most satisfying work.


You will discover that this approach to conditioning gives the practitioner the courage to be emotionally available, with a ready body, mind and spirit. Even after a short GYROTONIC® session, your body will be both relaxed and ready , your voice will be in the “right“ place, and your senses will be more perceptive while your mind remains sharp. 


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a method of expanding the physical , mental and emotional limits of your body. It gives the student the freedom to embrace their physical limitations , while working on continuously expanding them. By practicing the GYROTONIC® method , you are essentially improving your acting instrument–your own organism–in all its complexity. 




vélo-kinesis™ with Dan

vélo-kinesis™ gets you moving on the Rad Power Bikes electric bike. You'll take a 20-minute bike ride to an outdoor location, complete a 40-minute custom workout with Dan, and take a 20-minute bike ride back. It is so much FUN!!!



Please meet downstairs in the courtyard at ride start time. Bring a backpack/bag with your own water bottle, towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses or eye protection. We provide a RAD bike for you to ride!

If you do not have a bike helmet, we can provide a sanitized one with advance notice. You are welcome to wear a baseball cap under the helmet. Please make sure you are also wearing appropriate footwear and have additional layers of clothing as it can get chilly on the bike, especially on late afternoon rides.

*If you LOVE the RAD bike and want to purchase one of your very own, use code DISTRATERAD at checkout at

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