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SOURCE Studio Policies


  • Cancellations and rescheduling must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled session/class. WE REQUEST THAT ALL CLIENTS RESPECT THE COMMUNITY BY STAYING HOME AND REFRAINING FROM ENTERING IF YOU FEEL SICK OR SHOW EVEN MINOR SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19. In order to balance social distancing and business, we will still be enforcing our 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. However, in the event that you feel any symptoms, we can switch to a virtual Zoom or FaceTime session to create a wall of safety for all of us. Zoom link is already included in your calendar invite.



  • All classes/sessions must be paid for upon booking via contactless payment.

  • Class packs expire within 12 weeks and are non-refundable and non-transferable, Private/Duet Session 5 packs expire within 3 months and Private/Duet 10 packs expire within 6 months. All terms of this agreement are subject to change without notice. All packs are NOT transferable/refundable/interchangeable.

  • Insurance billing is not available.



  • All sessions are approximately 55 minutes long. Sessions begin at the appointment time and not at time of arrival.

  • Please note there is a no open studio policy. Use of equipment unattended is not allowed.

  • Clients and teachers are encouraged to bring closed water bottles to sessions. Eating is not allowed in the Studio.

  • No cell phones, pagers, children, or pets in the Studio. 

  • All staff, teachers and clients must arrive perfume and fragrance free.

  • Appropriate attire/coverings must be worn due to the nature of full-body workouts. Please do not wear attire with zippers or other attachments that could harm the equipment.

  • Studio reserves the right to assign a substitute teacher for privates / group classes.

  • Please note that physical, hands-on corrections will be necessary to supplement verbal corrections. If you have any concerns regarding this policy, it is up to you to let the instructor know prior to your session or as soon as possible.



  • Please do not attend class if you are ill or contagious for the welfare of others.

  • Please do not enter the Studio for a 7 day waiting period if you have knowingly been exposed to COVID 19.

  • Please notify the Studio of any changes in your health/medical conditions.

  • No early admittance to studio prior to scheduled session/class time. Please wait outside in the beautiful courtyard or in your vehicle until your appointment time. If the door to the studio is closed, please wait in the hallway. We will let you in at your appointment time.

  • Masks are optional. Adjustments to requirements may be put into place at SOURCE Studio’s discretion to ensure the continued safety of teachers and clients. Masks and gloves are available for purchase at the Studio.

  • Clean socks are mandatory to use on the equipment and may not be stored at the studio. Socks are available for purchase at the Studio.

  • All shoes must be removed upon entry to the studio – an area will be provided for shoes.

  • Hands must be washed or sanitized before and after all sessions and before any other in-person transaction.

  • Please bring a large clean towel to the studio for your personal use only – the Studio will not be providing towel service. Towels left by clients will be disposed of. Larger towels should be used to cover the equipment surface. Additional towels may be brought in to cover head rests, rolled up for head/neck support, to wipe away sweat, etc. Rental towels ($2 per towel) are available if you forget yours.

  • Any item left at the studio may be subject to disposal – please check your surroundings before departing.

  • All financial and scheduling transactions should be done via text, email, or online rather than in-person when possible.

  • All clients must depart directly after the session/class is over to allow sufficient cleaning and client transfer time between sessions.


THANK YOU EVERYONE for following all of the above STUDIO procedures. It will help keep everyone safe and will keep things running smoothly.

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