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So excited for this amazing, provoking, wild and unexpected show!

Flyer for Beyond the Pale Performance

So excited for this amazing, provoking, wild and unexpected show!

"Beyond the Pale presents three new dance works by Nate Hodges, Francesca Jandasek and Courtney Ozovek inspired by themes connected to memory, the human condition and contemporary culture. Francesca Jandasek’s The Immured Woman is an interdisciplinary work exploring paradoxical and complex themes of “woman,” creation, and procreation. Inspired by a Romanian legend of a pregnant woman enclosed within the walls of a monastery, Jandasek’s work fuses dance with visual art, film projections and sound/music/text in a seamless creative response to questions surrounding such themes as immortality and sacrifice. Art creation becomes a metaphor for procreation within this kinesthetic investigation of womanhood and individual artistic expression. Jandasek provides original sound, visual art and digital projections together with her choreographic imprint. Incorporating media, visual arts and theatrical spectacle with a fresh eye to the expressive power of contemporary dance, Beyond the Pale takes the audience on a journey of embodied introspection and visual exhilaration. Please note that this concert includes nudity, mature language and themes as well as graphic depictions of violence. Purchase tickets here:"

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