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Francesca Jandasek



Shadow Trailer


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Film and Music by Francesca Jandasek

Dancers: Ashley Krost & Antonella Redekosky

Cinematography:  Gregory R.R. Crosby

Best Boy Electric: Stephanie Losleben

Costumes: Kelsey Vidic

Special Thanks to CSULB Dance

I first got the idea for this film while researching the Romanian Legend of the Arges Monastery for a full evening length show I created in 2018. In the legend, a pregnant woman is immured to make the walls of the monastery stand. After further research, I came across the belief of the “stahie,” or shadow, an ancient Eastern European belief and practice that in order for the walls of a building to stand, someone has to be built into the walls either physically (i.e their body), or metaphysically (i.e their shadow). 

As I delved into the legend and this belief, I found myself facing my many shadows - my many possibilities and my many fears. I found myself questioning: Who is the shadow? What reality/possibility do I choose? Does it even matter, if we all fade away from memory and existence, leaving nothing behind?  


Ultimately, I was questioning whether, as a woman, it was more important for me to create, or to reproduce. And, why do I have this need? Is it to achieve a sort of immortality, a way to exist beyond my existence, whether through the creation of offspring, or art creation? The shadows represent my personal struggle of what realities/possibilities to choose as a woman artist - art creation vs. procreation. 


CSULB Dance Film Festival March 2020

Los Angeles Dance Festival October 2020

Lady Filmmakers Festival September - October 2020

Best Experimental Film Short Award

Lady Filmmakers Festival November 2020 DRIVE IN Event

Inspired Dance Film Fest Australia November 8 - 15th, 2020

Semi-Finalist Award

FilmFest by Rogue Dancer November 14, 2020

Yucca Valley Film Festival November 13-15, 2020

InShadow November 24-28, 2020

Experimental, Dance and Music Festival December 2020 

Audience Feedback: LINK

IndieBOOM! Festival December 21st, 2020

Winner, Dance Category

Dunedin International Film Festival January 11th, 2021

Beirut International Women Film Festival March 30th 2021

Blacksphere Online Film Festival April 7- 14, 2021

ViDEOSKiN III April 15, 2021

Honorable Mention

Prague International Indie Film Festival September 18, 2021

Semi-Finalist for Best Original Score  (1st Quarter)

Semi-Finalist for Best Ensemble (1st Quarter)

Semi-Finalist for Best Editing (1st Quarter)

Semi-Finalist for Best Experimental Short (1st Quarter)

SHADOW Trailer:

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Lady Filmmakers Fes
Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 10.54.04

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